COVID 19 Information

Our COVID 19 policy for cancellations and safety

We are excited to see travel restrictions being eased and Cavvanbah is ready to host you.

Reservation Policy from 1 June 2020

We appreciate that many Travel Insurance Companies have stopped offering travel insurance or are offering travel insurance but exclude COVID 19 coverage since it has become what insurers call a "known event".

This undoubtedly has made some guests cautious about making reservations for travel.

In the event that travel restrictions are reintroduced and that those restrictions make it impossible for you to travel, Cavvanbah will issue you an accommodation credit for your reservation.

We still however, encourage you to take travel insurance to cover other aspects of your travel risk that are unrelated to any potential COVID 19 travel restrictions.

When making a reservation on this website, please make note in the Special Requests box in the lower left hand corner of our online booking form that you are unable to take travel insurance that covers you for COVID 19 and this will be attached to your reservation if such an event arises requiring you to cancel your reservation.

COVID 19 Safety at Cavvanbah

Cavvanbah is a micro resort of 4 individual and seperate Villas. Guests are allocated there own private self contained Villa, each has its own private outdoor bath and outdoor entertaining area for guests own, sole and exclusive use.

There are no shared amenities with other guests.

Villas are cleaned after every guest departs by our experienced cleaning team.

The only common area at Cavvanbah is our pool and we are advised that there is no evidence that the virus can be transmitted through the water in pools.

Regardless, we employ Pool Professionals to regularly and diligently monitor our pool chlorine and other chemical levels to ensure that our pool meets the most stringent pool hygiene standards.

Whilst staying at Cavvanbah and in Byron Bay, we encourage you to continue employing good hygiene practices as advised by NSW Health and to practice physical distancing to keep us all safe.

We look forward to hosting you in our wonderful town.


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